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We raise 3 pets on our farm: Eisenia fetida Red Worms, Drarkling Beetles and cuddly kid tamed show quality New Zealand and Holland Lop rabbits. Everything starts with the rabbits. What they eat is what they poo, so their diet was created for their optimum health while making their poo rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and nutrients that plants need for healthy growth.  Rabbit manure has four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure and is twice as rich as chicken manure. But that’s just the beginning.

Next inline are the Drarkling Beetles. They are bred for their Frass. Insect Frass is the poo from the insect and is an organic fertilizer and soil amendment. It is high in Chitin which increases plants auto immune systems and work against root rot and nematodes. Their Frass is more easily digested by plants than other forms of Chitin such as those extracted from crab or crustacean meal. 

And finally, our worms. The workhorses at our farm. They compost the bunny poo along with cellulose material to make an incredible organic fertilizer and soil amendment. Our vermicompost (Poo Pourri ) is a beautiful hummus-material that looks like coffee grounds, smells like rich soil and is saturated with nutrients.

Poo Pourri is the base vermicompost for out Poo-T and Brew Mix. We take Poo Pourri and blend it with minerals, nutrients and trace elements to  make our liquid soil amendment, Poo-T.

Don’t let our light-hearted comic style theme fool you! Our Poo Pourri, Poo T, Rabbit, Poo, and Biochar are professional grade products. They have been fully researched using scientific journals and proven in real gardens. We product test continuously to test and compare growth, look and taste of plants and vegetables using our products..

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