The everyday plastic worm tub and other containers often end up with a water logged stinking muck of castings and bedding at the bottom making harvesting and clean up a mess. Continuous Flow Thru Worm Bins have a distinct advantage when it comes to harvesting worm castings and when used properly are extremely easy to maintain. They are so effective that commercial worm farms frequently use them.

Continuous flow thru worm bins take advantage of the composting worm’s natural instincts to live within the first few inches of decomposing matter in the topsoil. In a flow through bin system food is added to the top of the bin where the worms live and feed and their castings are harvested from the opening in the bottom.

  • No more muck
  • No rotten odor
  • No more shifting out worms
  • No more tedious collecting worm cocoons
  • No more stressed worms

Our Tractor Supply Special

We custom build each one. They are stocked with worms that will multiply to a fully stocked level between 8,000 to 10,000 worms.  As the worms convert the bedding and food into casting the castings settle and compact at the bottom of the upper bin. You now have a layer of compacted vermicompost. Add another layer of food and bedding let the worms do their thing then add another wait then another and so on.   

When the compacted castings and compost begin to build up and dry out they are harvested from the opening at the bottom of the bin with an inverted hand cultivator or your fingers.  Harvesting is accomplished by simply loosening and removing the dry casting from the bottom of the bin and allowing it to fall through the grid for easy collection. 

The Continuous Flow Thru Worms Bins are constructed with 3/4 inch plywood. They measure 4 feet wide by 2 feet front to back by 4 feet high with a feed and bedding bin 30 inches in depth.. 


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