Worm Tea Today Keeps the Insects Away

For those who don’t know what worm tea is, lets define it. Worm casting tea, or worm compost tea, is the liquid result from soaking worm castings in water. Since worm castings or compost are “steeped” or “strained”, we call it worm tea. On the other hand, this isn’t to be confused with leachate, or the liquid drainage that drains thru the bottom of your worm bin while vermicomposting. Leachate can be potentially harmful as a fertilizer because it includes bacteria, pathogens, and phytotoxins. It should never be used on food crops. The real question is, does worm tea work.

Look at the photo below.

  • The Cucumber plant on the left is planted in a mixture of peat moss perlite and 25% Poo Pourri (PP) our vermicompost made from bunny poo composted in our continuous flow thru worm bin.
  • The Cucumber plant in the middle is planted in peat moss and perlite virtually sterile soil. Unlike compost, peat moss does not contain the rich nutrients needed to help a garden flourish.
  • The plant on the right Nature’s Care® Organic Raised Bed Soil (MG).

At first glance, your eyes go right to the large plant on the left, but that soil mixture is for another post entirely. This post is about the interesting results of the two on the right. The Miracle Grow was watered with regular city water like most gardens. The center plant was watered from a gallon jug of water with 4 ounces of Poo T which is a liquid extract made from Poo Pourri. No other fertilizers were applied.

Is extract the same as worm tea? Yes and No. Both are made using air or flowing water to stir and agitate the water in a container with a tea bag filled with vermicompost. The worm tea uses additives and a food supply to multiply the quantity and variety of bacteria. The extract uses the same process to extract only the existing microbes and bacteria from the tea bag. To see a more in-depth discussion on the three (3) liquids from a worm bin, click here. In this experiment we are using extract.

Why Worm Tea Extract

To use worm tea extract (EX), you must have a well rounded vermicompost; because, the extract will only have what the vermicompost has. If your vermicompost is low quality, you will have a low-quality extract. Our Poo T Extract came from our Poo Pourri vermicompost. And remember, only four ounces to a gallon of water was used. So lets check out some comparisons. Look at the photo above again.

  • The EX appears larger than the MG.
  • The color in the EX is darker and richer looking.
  • The EX just looks a little healthier.

Now, I might be a little biased, after all it’s my product and my experiment. What do you think? A picture is worth 1,000 words, I hear.

What I find interesting is even if we call it even, the Miracle Grow is a multi-billion-dollar company and my little o’l four (4) ounces of Poo T can give Miracle Grow a run for their money. Well, I am after their money!  They got more than enough. They just won’rt share it.

Same Experiment Using Peppers

The Big Question That Begs an Answer

Why the difference between the plant grown with Poo Pourri and the plant watered with Poo T? I don’t have an answer. Maybe some of our readers do. If so, please comment below.

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