Insect Frass

Darkling Beetle Frass is an organic fertilizer and a 100% natural product that is able to compete with other organic fertilizers on nutrient content. It has a balanced Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium (NPK) ratio ranging from 2:2:2 to 3:2:3. It has some unique properties like:

  • Its own microbiological ecosystem similar to manure, teeming with as many as 450 million colony forming units of beneficial bacteria.
  • Chitin which is unique only to frass. Chitin is the protein that makes up the Beetle’s exoskeleton and is similar in structure to a plant’s own cellulose structure and its immediately plant available. Its like an insect vaccination stimulating an auto-immune response in the plant. Chitin promotes growth rate both directly and indirectly through the production of its own natural toxins which are used to fend off future insect attacks.
  • Chitin and chitosan prevent the growth of fungal pathogens, grey mold, early and late blight, powdery mildew, and pathogenic nematode worms from attacking plant roots, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Darkling Beetles, in the larval and adult beetle stage, are herbivorous and are fed only oat bran and vegetables.
  • The Soil Association has endorsed frass as 100% organic and a suitable fertilizer for the farming of all organic fruits and vegetables.