Our Worm Tea Brewers

Worm Tea is made by steeping vermicompost or worm castings in water. Worm Tea is known mostly for its ability to boost microbiological activity in soil by adding bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa to the soil. The process has two steps. First, the brewers extract the biological community found in the vermicompost by agitating the Humus and Castings in the compost causing the bacteria to separate and merge into the water. The second step is increasing the biological community by feeding it and increasing the dissolved oxygen level; thereby, enabling the community to rapidly multiply. 

Our 5 Gallon Brewer



This bucket brewer design simply works because of its’ simple design. Couple the aerator with a commercial grade air pump and the brewer will maintain a dissolved oxygen level above the 6 ppm required to grow your microbial community. The simple design makes cleaning a breeze. Simply pull the end cap off and flush with water, rinse out the bucket and place all components in the bucket for storage. How simple is that?


Our 20 Gallon Brewer



We engineered this brewer for our worm farm.  It maintains dissolved oxygen levels above 10 ppm.  The induction style tank is supper easy to clean, an extremely important feature if you plan to make sticky Actively Aerated Tea (AACT).  And, no dead zones to allow anaerobic conditions to develop.  Air manifold and ball valve are easily removed for cleaning and the induction style tank allows draining of every last drop of liquid.

It comes with a commercial grade electromagnetic air pump, which powers the induction air manifold.  All plumbing components are included.  The unit will be fully assembled and tested at customers location.  Free delivery within 50 miles of Houma, LA. 

It’s a simple engineered design, yet very efficient and super simple to clean and maintain.  It has been a workhorse in our worm farm and daily produces quality worm teas.



Our 35 Gallon Brewer



Here is another workhorse design. It’s simple, clean and is self-contained. When your finished brewing, simply hose it out and let it dry. To brew hang your tea bag, open the pressure valve and your ready to go. To fill a bucket with your freshly made tea, simply close the pressure valve, aim the discharge hose and fill your bucket.

This brewer can make both Extract and AACT. It maintains dissolved oxygen levels above 9 ppm. The brewer is super simple to clean.  Just unclasp the lid and hose it out, flush the pipes and that’s it.The brewer comes complete and fully assembled. 

We will deliver it FREE within 50 miles of Houma, LA.


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