There are three (3) liquids that come from and/or made from vermicompost (compost processed by worms).


is the liquid that flows from the top of a worm enclosure through the compost to the bottom and is directed into a catch basin.

Liquid Biological Amendment (Extract)

is an extract made from vermicompost and water.  Our Liquid Biological Amendment (LBA) is a an “Extract” made from our high quality finished and mature VermiMix that contains minerals, nutrients, trace elements and a vast diversity of microorganisms that have gone into different states of dormancy, or suspended animation.

Various microorganisms are active during the composting process. When a compost pile begins to look like “good-ole black dirt” it is an indication that the microorganisms have run out of food resources.  Consequently, with nothing more to eat, they simply  go to “sleep”.

The process of making Extract requires no additional food sources and no increase in dissolved oxygen, as a result, Extract has a longer shelf life than our next LBA.

Liquid Biological Amendment (Active Aerated Compost Tea – AACT)

is a process of making an Extract with a highly increased quantity of microbes. To get this increase of microbial activity, a food source must be added.  When the microorganisms sense this new presence of nutrition, they begin to “wake up”, grow and multiply.  With this increase in activity, the microbiological communities become very active and consume a large volume of dissolved oxygen. If the required amount of dissolved oxygen is not provided, the compost tea quickly becomes anaerobic and conditions will favor the growth of pathogenic organisms instead of the beneficial microorganisms desired.  This is the reason why AACT has a very short “shelf-life” (4 to 8 hours) once removed from an active oxygen supply.

In the process of growing, multiplying and performing metabolic activities, the microbes produce a lot of bio-film, or “slimes and glues”.  This makes AACT ideal for applying to plant and leaf surfaces (foliar spray) because they have the ability to adhere well.  While applications applied onto the soil or low lying plants (turf, pasture, etc.), an Extract might be preferred as the organisms will wake up and grow as food resources and environmental conditions require.

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